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    My wife’s Malibu (2006 2.2L) intermittently dies when coming to a stop. My mechanic says it’s the throttle body but he says to replace it, not clean it. I’ve seen advice on both sides of the fence, yes, clean it and NO, don’t try and clean it. Is there a definitive answer on this? Is the throttle body on this year and size engine a DBW?

    Also, the mechanic said to add injector cleaner into the fuel tank when filling up. If it is the throttle body, how is this going to help?

    I’d like to get this resolved without spending a small fortune. Thanks.

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    college man
    college man

    You could try cleaning it. If you do clean it, don’t unplug the connector or push it open with your finger.
    Remove the air boot and to the key to the on position without starting. Have someone in the car press
    the pedal so the throttle body opens. Then clean it with a rag and TB cleaner. Spraying the rag then wiping.
    Injector cleaner will not help the TB but will clean the fuel system, injectors and valves which is good to do.
    If the TB does turn out to be bad, you only wasted some time and a can of TB cleaner. The car may run at a
    higher idle when first started until the computer relearns the idle.

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