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2006 Mazda 3 2.3 intermittent electrical problems (Please help) (Advice needed)

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    Tyler K
    Tyler K

    Hello everyone, long time follower of ETCG but first time on the forum. I recently purchased a used 2006 mazda 3 manual with the 2.3l engine. I currently have around 116k miles and only put around 1500 on it myself. Recently, with the weather getting colder i’ve had a few electrical problems that have been happening. The first time, I was driving home one day from college and all of the door locks started cycling lock unlock, the wiper blades started operating (do not have automatic wipers and the switch is off) and the headlights came on (do not have automatic headlights). This has happened at least a dozen times in the last 2 months. When the issue does happen, i try to operate the wiper switch to maybe reset it but it doesn’t change them from moving the fastest setting. I’ve tried to click the door lock button while its happening and i hear the relay in the BCM try to click but it sounds like the circuit is stuck open?

    Finally more recently, Ill be at home and have the car sitting for several hours and look outside to see the headlights on (key inside the house, no automatic lights, light switch is off). I had went out to the car and the door locks do not respond to remote key fob so i have to manually unlock the door, try to switch the headlight switch on and off (does not work). This has happened 2 times so far. First time I had to disconnect the battery and the second time I started the car and out of curiosity turned the wipers on to see if they would go to max speed by themselves, THEY DID. After a short amount of time everything would go back to normal.

    I’ve contacted a few local mazda dealers and looked up online what could be causing these issues, everything points to a failing BCM located under the passenger footwell. I inspected all wiring, inspected the BCM, had the battery and alternator tested (which both were in good condition), I’m hoping someone on here can give me some advice.

    I currently use this car to commute to college 5 days a week and have no other form of transportation. I can live with the electronics acting up but I don’t want to be stranded if the lights are coming on by themselves when the car is parked overnight or at my college parking lot. DO I NEED A EXORCIST OR A MECHANIC?

    to clarify, the door locks cycling by themselves, wipers turning themselves on to fastest setting, and headlights turning on by themselves. in the middle of the night, the car headlights turn themselves on, key fob stops working.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    You’ll need a power distribution diagram for your specific vehicle.
    Being that the locks, wipers and headlights are all reacting at the same time.
    It sounds like you may have a power short feeding those items
    Begin by tracing the circuits to try and find a common point for all 3.
    I’m not familiar with your specific vehicle and it might be a faulty BCM.
    But I would suggest tracking the wiring first.

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