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2007 Dodge Charger SE Cooling System issues

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    William Hood
    William Hood

    I have a WTF issue. A few months ago my car threw a P2181 code and I changed the ECT sensor and fixed the issue.
    Now it’s throwing the same code again. I WAS low on coolant, but refilled the reservoir. That didn’t help. Every time I hard brake or make a turn I get the check engine light and the 2181 code again…like something shifts or sloshes…so, I burp the system thinking air got in while coolant was low…but that didn’t fix it. Still yells about braking and turning. Temp gauge sits at middle. Not overheating. Heater core seems fine, heats and blows hot enough to run you out of the car. No window mist. No internal coolant smell. No funky noises. I don’t SEE any leaks. Could it actually be the thermostat? Would a thermostat throw a code when turning or braking? I’m totally confused. Help!

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    I would have recommended replacing the thermostat before replacing the ECT. FYI, I recommend OE thermostats over aftermarket ones to ensure quality. Additionally, air in the cooling system is the most common cause of issues in my experience. Some vehicles are harder to get air out of than others. Yours may be one of those.

    This may help with purging the air from the system.

    Good hunting and please keep us updated.

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