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2007 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Issues

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    Jason Dresch
    Jason Dresch

    Hi Folks,

    I was hoping to get some pointers or suggestions. I have a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with the 3.8L and the transmission started slipping at 150K, I dropped the pan and replaced the filter and fluid and added some Lucas Transmission conditioner / Stop Slip. There was no improvement, the fluid turned dark again. In an effort to save money I put a used transmission and torque converter in, I drove it about 200 miles and now it’s slipping more than before. I did not do a “Quick Relearn” with a scanner, I don’t have one.

    Most of the transmission shops I’ve spoke with say that the transmission will re-learn itself with enough drive cycles, I don’t know how much truth there is to this.

    It really acts like it has a bad torque converter. If you run it through the gears at 2500 RPM it won’t slip or shutter until 45 – 50 mph, then back down to 30 – 40 it will start slipping and shuttering again. Even at high speeds 60 + you will feel a slip if there is a hill, the old transmission acted just about the same way. I find it hard to believe that I have two bad torque converters.

    I had a transmission ship recommend that I install a good re-manufactured torque converter and I plan on doing this and see if it will improve. Any suggestions or input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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