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2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L parasitic battery drain

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    David Fields
    David Fields

    Hello I have 2007 Honda Odyssey
    the Alternator is new. Honda Battery is maybe < 2 years old
    if the car is not driven for a few days the battery goes dead,
    I charge it up and its fine a long as its driven every day for about 20 mins. A parasitic battery drain I was thnking

    Thrusday charged batter and it read 12.78 volts or so
    Friday I took out my multi meter and measured a 130ma drain
    Saturday I measure the battery it was at about 12.5 volts
    and measured the drain at 70ma drain.
    I then started pulling fuses under the hood 1 at a time. to figure out what circuit
    I pulled #15 (40A) fuse marked Backup/ACC and it measured 0ma drain after that.
    I put back fuse and its back to 70ma
    I then go to pull fuses from within car that are known to be on the Backup/ACC circuit
    I pulled #6 (interior light) 7.5A fuse, no change
    I pulled #7 (backup/acc) and it droped from 70ma to 50ma making me think its something on that circuit
    I read this situation is rather common on Honda/Acura of this vintage. specifcally on #7 fuse, AC relay, sliding door locks, Home Link?

    any ideas ?
    thank you in advance

    here is a video I put together on the drain test

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    Daniel Froemming
    Daniel Froemming

    If you have a Hands Free Link in the Odyssey, that would be the first thing I check. I am only familiar with the 3rd Gen TL, but I just found my parasitic load on that. There was a 400 mA drain on Fuse 7 (under dash) which was linked to the NAV system (in the trunk) where the fan was always running.

    Your fuses seem identical to the TL, and most people agree these drains are associated with a Hands Free Link constantly pulling power, even after the car is off.

    David Fields
    David Fields

    Looks like I have resolve it

    Knowing that the main relay/fuse circuit backup/ACC under the hood #15 was causing the drain I looked up on
    And found that #15 controls fuses under the dash on driver side 5,6,7,8,9

    I then pulled them one at a time and found that back up dropped it 20ma
    So I put that fuse back and then tried radio and that dropped it from 70ma to 20ma. And all others didn’t drain anything. Focusing on the radio, I then remembered years ago that a iPod/iPhone aux adaptor had been installed. I then disconnected it and then power draw was 20-30ma when sitting. This is below the 50ma number.

    Looks like it’s resolved only time will tell

    Ray Williford
    Ray Williford

    David, My bet is on the power sliding door unit. It is powered by Fuse #7. Mine had a constant about 400 ma drain when the door closer started flaking out (your 70 ma sounds a little low to really be a problem). I had dead battery twice til I pulled the fuse – no drain. Now just need to wait til Eric posts a video telling us how to fix it. I don’t trust the other youtube folks to tell me about all the little things that you need to be aware of and tips to make it easier. Eric is the man.

    David Fields
    David Fields

    sure thing, actually this video I created that I put here, I solved it, and actually Eric’s video on same topic helped me figure it out.

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