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2008 Honda Accord Cold Weather Squeak

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    Johnny Appleseed
    Andrew Enoksen

    When the temp is under 20 degrees F, there is a squeaking/squealing sound that is tied to the engine RPM. It sounds like the serpentine belt, but the belt, idler, and tensioner were replaced less than a year ago (~10k miles) and the belt is tight and I’m not seeing wobble in the belt or on any pulley. What is strange to me is that the belt squeaks only when its cold (under 20F) and continues even after the car is warm and has been driven over 10 miles. Its a V6 as well.

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    Matthew Christensen
    Matthew Christensen

    Are u sure its a belt my power stering made a noise like a loose belt when it was cold and contunied thru the entire drive.. If it is a belt have u tried useing belt dressing it somtimes will help with stuborn sqweaks

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