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2008 Buick Lacrosse (w body) trailing arm mounts

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    So I am replacing rear struts on my 08 Lacrosse, awhile ago I bought new trailing arms and mounths.. Seems like a good time to put these on.

    Took off 2 our of the 3 bolts carefully as they where rusted and captive into the body, great, do the third.. put a little too much torque on it as I said, I really don’t like putting this much ass behind it and was about to back off, it snapped.

    So I had a bit sticking out of the hole, I put a nut on it and got a mig and tried to weld it. Couldn’t get a good weld on it due to the position of the bolt next to the rocker. So between the garage wall and the car and where the snapped bolt was, I wasted a lot of wire with no success..

    So I drilled it out, thought I got center, nope, was way off.. this was when a lot of bad word where said. So I drilled it out all the way and plan on tapping it tomorrow.

    But when I was getting the hole bigger so I could tap it, it appears I blew through half the captive nut. So do I tap it through the body and half the nut and let the other 2 bolts take the brunt of the force and be okay with it. Or do I get it back together enough, take it to a welding shop and have them cut and access hole, put a proper nut on the back side of it and have the access hole closed up?

    Why is nothing ever simple in the rust belt…

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    I think I am going to pull the back seat and drill a hole from the top. Break off the remainder of the captive bolt and put a washer and nut in from the top.

    I’ll drill a smaller hole on the other side so I can use my bore-scope and wd-40 flex hose can and lubricate those bolts before removal…

    sound like a good plan?

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