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2009 Honda Odyssey Right Front Axle Question

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    Matthew Montalto
    Matthew Montalto

    Hello All…. This is probably a soft ball one for all you pros out there, but as a DIY’er I have never come across this. I have never done cv axles before but I feel I have studied enough to give it a try, but I have not been able to find any info on situations where there is an “intermediary” shaft involved (call it what you will… I just chose intermediary for description sake)… So the passenger axle replacement I bought has a “female” end and there is a small (male to male) shaft (I think) that goes from there into the transmission …. also seems that there is some sort of bracket where the 2 meet.

    Since my replacement for that side did not come with that “intermediary” shaft I am assuming I re-use the one already in the vehicle? Do I take the whole thing out and separate the 2 once they are out… or do I just pop the outer part off of the intermediary using a pry bar against that bracket.

    I attached a photo for reference.

    Can anyone offer me some advice…. ? Thank you

    Matt Montalto

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    college man
    college man

    When you remove the cv axle, the male portion stays with the transmission and is reused.

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