2010 Civic brake issue

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    Hey everybody,
    I’ve been having an issue with my wife’s 2010 civic. For the last couple weeks its been making a scratching noise while driving. Seemed to be coming from the rear passenger wheel area. I finally got around to having a look at it today and the pads look to be worn pretty unevenly. The outer pad is okay but the inner pad has worn down so much the wear tab is dragging on the rotor. Now, it seems pretty clear the caliper isn’t retracting and has caused the inner pad to wear out, and the persistent scratching sound while driving is from the wear tab making contact with the rotor since the caliper is stuck. Ive heard about issues with this generation Civic going through brakes quickly, but haven’t really found a whole bunch. We’ve had the car for about 2 years and 20k miles, front pads and other rear pads look okay. Does anybody know if there’s a pattern failure with the brakes of Civics of this vintage, and what the root issue is? I suppose this could just be a seized caliper that has nothing to do with premature brake wear, but if there’s something else potentially occurring I’d like to fix it the first time.

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