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2010 Civic DX acceleration/deceleration issues

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    Hi, i just bought a very clean 2010 civic DX with 185 000km but after driving it for a couple days two issues that might be related to each other.

    1. Sometimes when decelerating from gear 2 to 1 i just get an rpm rev and a front jerk and is more prononced when braking harder. From what i can gather it could be dirty selenoid filters and/or selenoids themselvs or a too tight throttle cable from the service manual.

    2. When i drive transmission shifts are smooth but under 50km or in gear 1,2 or 3 if i let go of the gas and coast then tap the gas or hard accelerate i get a delay in power and the car jerk forward like lauching, makes a knock sound. If i slowly press the gas or if im in 4th and over 50km it doesn’t do it and shift normal. Spark plugs, ignition coil or tps sensor or dirtyt o2 sensor IDK what order should i check?

    When i first drove the car i burned the tire abit because the gas pedal is so sensitive i barely have to put my feet on it.

    I had an 03 accord cpe v6 auto with the defective transmissions that would blowup past 100km so i have transmission ptsd… i hope the tranny isn’t going bad….


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    Check tranny fluid level and condition.

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