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    Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson

    I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla and I first and foremost am an idiot. So I attempted a replacement of my passenger side wheel bearing and went to a salvage yard where I purchased the entire assembly all the way to the steering knuckle. After countless hours trying to remove bolts and nuts that I could never re torque I had finally put everything together. Now I knew that every nut and bolt wasn’t exactly right and still being in a hurry I decided to test it. Also in the midst of this the cv axle boot came off and almost certainly had some debris get in and the lower ball joint had the same issue. I drive it up and down the street and it clanks and clunks and then just awful noises. As I look under the knuckle where the lower ball joint connects has come apart and the cv axle deep into the body has grease everywhere. Ball joint is toast but I’m wondering is the cv axle salvageable if taken off cleaned and regreased with a new boot? By a mechanic ofcourse.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    My guess is that you pulled on the CV axle with excessive force.
    IMHO, I would replace it. No telling what kind of damage it has and it will need to be completely removed in any case to even attempt to inspect it fully.
    Why risk it and have to do the work twice.
    I would also suggest you go back and properly tighten all the hardware correctly before test driving it again.

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