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2010 Honda Civic Power window issues

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    Christina Troy
    Cristina Troy

    Hey Everyone, I just found this forum & I’m hoping someone will be able to share a little knowledge with me. I have a 2010 Honda Civic with a front passengers side window that won’t go up. Neither the drivers side controls or the passengers side controls will make the window go back up. I first experienced this problem last week & I was fortunate enough to get it back up by swinging the passengers door open & closed while holding the switch in the up position.. Yesterday I picked someone up who put the window down before I had a chance to tell them not to put it down… And this time the swinging the door trick while holding the level up didn’t work… I tried for 2 hours & nearly wound up throwing my phone into the woods out of frustration.. So I took the inside door card off & tried to manually push the window up but “not so much” I’m thinking that because it closed when I swung the door back & forth the first time that maybe it’s a severed wire or something disconnected where the wires pass into the body of the car?? Has anyone experienced anything like this? And does anyone know why I wouldn’t be able to manually force the window up? I thought I was going to break the glass at one point so I stopped. But now the window is stuck open & I’m afraid we’ll probably get rain before I can have it properly fixed. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions it would be sincerely appreciated if you could share a little wisdom.

    Thank you for your time

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    Rahul Jones
    Rahul Jones

    If you have a basic test light, check the power going to the motor. It sounds like a jammed motor or regulator to me.

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