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    Normally I’m pretty inclined but I’m stumped on this one. 2010 Hyundai Elantra gls touring hatchback 2.0 DOHC, shut off while driving highway speeds 3 times back to back within minutes, each time started back up ( each time the battery voltage light and CEL light came on ) 3rd time wouldn’t start. Person fried the starter by repeat trying. I replaced the starter ( old one tested bad, wouldn’t engage, fries bushings ) still the same thing, engine won’t crank over, when turning the key it makes one click as if the starter is bad, no repeat clicking like drained battery. Alternator tested functional and working. I hooked the car up to jumper cables to my truck to get it’s full voltage, cars battery was showing 13.7 when connected to my truck, same issue still a single click no crank. I’m able to turn the engine by hand from the crank pulley nut and breaker bar so engine can’t be seized. Oil change was done a week ago. Levels are all fine. No codes are shown or stored atleast from my scanner. Anyone have any ideas?

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