2010 Subaru impreza

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    Nic Q
    Nic Q

    Hello everyone!

    I am at my wits end!. My car has become sluggish (feels heavy) with poor acceleration and poor fuel consumption. These are the things I have done already and nothing has worked:

    Timing belt changed
    o2 sensors changed
    Fuel filter changed
    Fuel injectors checked
    I have been told my cat converter is damaged, but I unhooked the exhaust at the engine and the symptoms were still identical.

    The only thing left I can think of is the MAP sensor may be damaged.

    Please help! I can’t afford to get cat converter replaced if that doesn’t fix my issue.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Have you looked at live data to see if any issue(s) in engine operation stand out as faulty.
    Just firing the parts cannon and hoping to correct a issue is costly route to take.

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