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2010 VW CC (2.0L TSI) — faulty turbo?

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    Mari ElworthMari Elworth

      Hi Eric! How’s it going?
      I’m having some issues keeping my car running. It’s a 2010 Volkswagen CC with a 2.0L TSI engine.
      My car starts and turns over just fine, but sputters and stalls immediately unless I keep my foot on the gas pedal. The CHECK ENGINE light is on, and there’s a few codes on the car’s computer.
      **P0299: Turbocharger – underboost condition
      **P2008: Intake Manifold Runner Control Circuit Open Bank 1
      **P0171: System too Lean
      After doing some research, a lot of forums suggested replacing the intake manifold and/or the sensors for the manifold runners. So, I went ahead and tried replacing the intake manifold to the upgraded version, and swapped out both the Intake Manifold Position Sensor and the Intake Manifold Solenoid as well. After clearing the car’s computer of the codes, they still keep popping up and I’m still experiencing the same issue. I’ve checked all of the vacuum lines and hoses, and they look/feel fine.
      The car does have a Turbo in it, so I figured that maybe it could be the wastegate valve. However, after wiggling the little rod that goes to the valve, there wasn’t any free play in it.

      Please help! I’m at a complete loss, and can’t figure out what else it could be.
      Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
      Thank you for your time and advice!

      Mari Elworth

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