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2010f150 no start, —–milage, dash beeping allot

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    Tristan Meyer
    Tristan Meyer

    Seeking help,

    I’ve got a 2010 f150 4×4 lariat with an aftermarket remote start. Last week my temperature control fan speed stopped working, I could still adjust temperature, and physically see the fan speed adjustment moving on the display but the actual speed was maxed out with no change. After research, I ordered a new hvac blower motor resistor and swapped it out via behind the glove box compartment. Assuming it would be a simple job, plug and play, 2 screws, never disconnected the battery as I never seen it mentioned. However, after the swap the truck won’t crank, anti theft is rapidly blinking, dash lights display everything known to man, milage to e is just —- as if the pcm isn’t communicating. What gives?

    I checked various fuses assuming I could’ve potentially blown something but all are fine. Any guidance or experience, greatly appreciated. Overtime thru the holidays, finals in college, pandemic… Enough on my plate for the time being. I really would like to take care of this myself. Thank you.

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