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    Nathan Hunt
    Nathan Hunt

    Hi Eric huge fan, you have literally saved me thousands of dollars over the years through your YouTube videos so a big thank you.
    I know you have a wealth of knowledge about the Honda j series engine so though I want to pick your brain.
    I have been dealing with an oil leak for about 18 months, it will leave a few drops in my driveway every time I park and I definitely smell it burning on the rear exhaust.
    Nobody seems to be able to locate the source of the leak. I’ve had two different mechanics swear that it was the oil pan and paid to reseal it twice but it did nothing to help.
    I know from spending enough time underneath my vehicle that it’s coming from above the oil pan near the rear motor mount. It then proceeds to cover everything underneath that.
    Just to be safe I’ve replaced all the common suspects both valve cover gaskets and the VTEC spool gasket. The power steering pump was leaking slightly so I replaced that just to be safe. The cam thrust gaskets look solid with out any signs of leaking.
    After many hours of online research and forum posting I found someone who had a similar problem on a Honda Odyssey and oil was coming out a drain type hole in the rear of the engine and that looks like we’re the source of my leak might be but I don’t know what’s feeding it.
    Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated sir.
    The vehicle has 205k and besides this oil leak runs great. I don’t want to give up on it yet.

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