2012 Honda CR-V steering issues

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    Gail Makowski
    Gail Makowski

    Have a 2012 Honda CR-V, when turning left only halfway into the turn the steering gets stiff, tries to jerk out of your hand then goes back to normal. Has been to dealership many times. No EPS light comes on when this happens, engine RPM seems to change during the turn but doesn’t increase speed of vehicle. Only happens when slowing down and into a left hand turn. No accidents or damage to front end ever. Few times vehicle wouldn’t start, radio turns off and on by itself. Is this thing possessed or ? I was thinking it’s the torque sensor or maybe needs to be re-calibrated to neutral? When the EPS and rack was replaced by dealership wouldn’t this have been done?

    EPS control has been replaced, rack and steering(whole front end has been replaced), Angle sensor, Cable reel.

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