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2013 Civic LX. AC noise only in drive

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    Exactly 1 year ago, I changed the condenser and compressor kit from Rock Auto as some noise was coming and mechanic told me to do it.

    Now only in drive (or reverse), if I turn the AC on there’s a rattling noise, which is quite subtle but is there and prominent when car is on a red light especially at night.

    If I turn the AC off or put it in neutral (or park) the noise goes away.

    I have a video I uploaded on YouTube to see what it sounds like. Sounds like a diesel engine to me.

    I took it to the mechanic twice but the noise would not emulate, I replaced the idler pulley genuine Honda which didn’t do anything.

    Getting really frustrated now and it’s super hot I am scared to turn AC on.

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    A $3 mechanic’s stethoscope from Harbor Freight will quickly pinpoint the noise.

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