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2013 Mini Battery replacement video question….

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    Katy MahoneyKaty Mahoney

      Hi I just watched your video on replacing my 2013 mini coopers battery and I had a quick question for you. If my battery died because my car was broken into when they broke the window but comes to life when I jump it, could it just need the old battery rescanned and that’s why it won’t hold a charge? It keeps dying Everytime I shut if off. Auto zone said that it wouldn’t connect or something but that it isn’t the alternator and that normally it means the battery is dead. But he didn’t seem confident in what he was saying. It help a charge getting us back from Tucson to San Diego. So now I’m wondering do I have to go buy a battery and that alltel scanner thing or can I find someone with the machine and try to reset it first and see if that solved the problem. There is also the issue of my center screen being punched out when they broke into it. So I can’t see anything there. But in the screen in between the steering wheel there is a triangle with an exclamation point in it that wasn’t there before. I just bought this thing a month ago. What do you think?

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