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    2013 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L. Transmission would jerk badly when switching from P to R and also when put on D. Engine light one with codes for Transmission oil Temp sensor circuit high, and Solenoid D circuit high. I did change both sensor and solenoid but problem persist. I noticed that the car is stuck on 4th gear when I switch to manual using the + and – on the shift lever. When the car is on D it also does not shift and moves very slowly until it picks up speed. RPM keeps increasing without feeling or seeing any shifting. It is like it is stuck on 4th gear regardless I am on D or switched to manual. I did test drive the car on highway with same results where the RPM goes all the way to 5k without the transmission shifting. I cleared the codes and now I get codes for solenoid C, and E circuit high,
    Fluid was brown, some metal shaving on the plug as expected on 100k trans.
    Any ideas guys?

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