2015 Ford explorer

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    jason kilgore
    jason kilgore

    Hello would like some advice. When ingot in my 2015 explorer today. It was shaking pretty bad and shakes even harder when put in drive. And check engine light came on.I got 6 error codes. Po354 permanent po205 permenent po354 pending and po 205 pending. Car was just running fine the night before. I do think some squirrels chewed the battery insulation but i dont know when.

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    jason kilgore
    jason kilgore

    Just lookimg for any suggestions. Its my main vehicle and i have no mechanics to look at it.

    EricTheCarGuy 1

    I would start by looking at the engine performance and repairing any issues. I’d also check the engine mounts after that work was complete.

    Here is some info on solving the engine performance issues:

    Good hunting and please keep us updated.

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