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    Aaron MAaron

      Hi everyone, I have a quick question about what you would recommend for a service interval on a 2019 Honda Civic 1.5 turbo for oil.

      Mine has around 5,600 miles and the maintenance minder is reading at 60%. I went to the dealer to get the oil, filter and crush washer to change the oil myself and they recommended to follow the maintenance minder, especially for the first oil change since it’s better for break-in. The oil is a medium brown now, and it has me wondering if the dealer is right or if I should just change the oil myself anyway.

      I used to have a 2001 Chevy Suburban with over 200k miles that had 5,000 mile oil change intervals and the engine was still in great condition. I’m afraid that because my Honda has less oil capacity and less frequent intervals that is longevity will suffer.

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