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92 SVX Transmission Swap Troubleshooting

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    Tom Klonowski
    Tom Klonowski

    I recently went through the process of installing another 4.44 automatic in my 92 Subaru SVX. I admit that I straight dumped ATF into the transmission instead of sneaking up on the fill level before first start.

    The transmission was obviously overfilled and started puking ATF from a breather on top of the transmission. I drained and refilled the system, more cautiously this time, and even though it’s still a bit underfilled, there’s still fluid trickling from the breather.

    Do I need to get the trans up to the target fill level and let it bleed off the fluid that it’s still pushing off, or is there a solid chance that my junkyard special box has bigger internal problems? The only difference between this and the previous install was that I was significantly more careful about filling it the first time.

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