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93 Accord Intake Manifold Stuck to Cylinder Head

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    Brian Melton
    Brian Melton

    Hello EricTheCarGuy Friends,
    I’m working on changing the head gasket in my 93 accord. Between rounded head bolts, and broken 14mm sockets, I am still making decent progress. However, I simply cannot get the intake manifold to let go of the head.

    I’ve checked that I’ve removed all of the bolts next to a hundred times, I’ve used a filed down putty knife to “destroy” the gasket everywhere I can get access. It seems like I have 80-90% of the manifold working its way off but I just cannot for the life of me get one corner to budge. This corner sits in a place where it likely was getting oil dumped on it from the distributor above it that had been leaking for some time before I purchased the car.

    I’ve tried wd-40 and the best prying I felt safe enough to do and it just seems stuck.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    Prying on the mating surface of the cylinder head is a very bad idea. If memory serves, you need to remove the cam to access all the head bolts. Make sure you have removed all of them. Also, be sure to remove the support bracket under the intake manifold. Lastly, in my experience, head gasket failures on that engine are very rare because it uses an MLS (Multi layered steel) gasket. I would make double sure you actually have a head gasket issue before replacing it. Air in the cooling system is the #1 cause of overheat on those engines from what I’ve seen. More info here.

    Good hunting.

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