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'95 Camaro fuel pressure/electrical issue

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    Nick Shepard
    Nick Shepard

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 1995, 3.4L Camaro that has been giving me fuel pressure problems for a while now. Pressure is low on key on, and low while the engine is running. Before this the previous pump died a mile from my house, and since then it’s been a bit of an odyssey replacing that and checking everything out.

    So after putting in a new pump and sender unit, and checking everything from the fuel rail back I’ve discovered an electrical issue (maybe that’s why the old pump went out)? Doing a drop voltage test, I found the ground side is good, with only a .15V drop at the fuel pump connector. The power side isn’t doing so well, as it’s over a 1V drop at that connector and also reading high resistance at other connectors in that circuit. Here is the electrical diagram with the readings:

    From that, where should I suspect the resistance issue is coming from? I thought it would be the fuel tank connector A1, but if I’m getting those values at other points the problem is somewhere earlier right?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Why not just load test the circuit.
    Disconnect power to the fuel pump and use a light or lights of equal load.
    If they burn bright the circuit can handle the load, if not, begin working your way backwards to isolate the issue.

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