97 Honda Civic lx Manuel

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    So I have a 97 Honda Civic lx , Manuel 4 cyl
    No crank no start , it just wouldn’t start one day , the weird thing was when trying to start it just one blinker stayed solid , anyways I replaced the main relay , the ignition switch , tested the clutch safety switch , tested the starter by the signal wire is good , then tested from the plug by the firewall (signal wire ) and is good starts the car , there is a starter cut off relay , so I replaced it still didn’t fix the problem , I’m getting power from the ignition to the relay , if I jump the relay car will start , like normal through the ignition switch , there was a after market alarm on the car I thought that might be the problem I took it out still same problem
    Trying to figure out what the blue wire goes to from the starter cut off relay , can’t find any wire diagram to the cut off relay to show orintation and colors
    Is it possible bad brand new relay ?
    I moved some wires around in the plug to starter cut off relay and now it clicks like it working but no start , so I put it back to original , also with the relay cover off plugged in normal , I can turn the key and push the side of relay and starts

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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