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98 Civic LX – Cronk/No Start & will not shift out of park.

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    Bobby Housos
    Bobby Housos

    i have a 98 civic LX automatic. While driving occasionally the rpms drop to zero and car wont start for about 5 minutes. The engine will crank, but it will not start. The brake pedal will activate the brake lights, bit it will not activate the shift lock solenoid. During this time, the engine will crank but not start. After 5-10 minutes, the break pedal will start activating the shift lock solenoid and the car will start. While the car will not start, I tested the distributor and found both the Ignition Control Module and the Ignition Coil were getting power, but the Ignition Coil was not firing. I replaced the coil and the car started fine. While test driving, the car died again and it was stuck in park. Looking for any ideas?

    I also have a transmission problem, but I believe it is unrelated. The transmission will go into a sort of false neutral after heavy driving (fast hwy speed or hills) After shifting the car into park and waiting for a period of time, it will start driving again. I have checked the two small screens in the shift solenoid, but they are clean. The transmission fluid has always been full synthetic Honda approved, and it is full.

    Recent service included:
    Timing belt change
    New Distributor Cap and Wires
    New Spark Plugs
    Valve cover Gasket
    Transmission oil change

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    I’m a 2 time loser out of 2 for a similar issue in Honda’s from this model run. The first was a bad transmission control computer, and the second was a bad neutral safety/gear indicator sensor combined with a torque converter lock up solenoid being intermediately broken.

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