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98 Honda Odyssey Head Bolt Torque numbers?

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    Jeremy Gaines
    Jeremy Gaines

    Hey Eric, I found this old video from 2010 where you are explaining the head bolt torque on a 2001 Honda accord.
    The engine in the accord in the video is a F23a1, Im am doing a head gasket on a 98 Odyssey with a F23a7. The F23a1 and a7 are basically the same engine with a few minor differences. In the video you are torquing the bolts with a 3 step process 29/51/72ft lbs. I have been searching for the torque setting for my 98 odyssey and I have found conflicting spec, some say the 3 step process and others say 22ft lbs and 2 90 degree turns. What is your opinion on this matter? Is it the 3 step or the degree torque?
    Thanks I appreciate the help!!

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    Shiloh Vaughn
    Shiloh Vaughn

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