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99 Silverado AC Issue – leak all over after replacement

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    John Phoenix
    John Nepa

    Hello All, been watching the many videos so thank you for those.

    I have a 99 silverado. The compressor was going bad and made the truck over heat. Never seized but was losing oil from compressor. Anyway, bought a new compressor which came with a new orifice tube and an accumulator. Flushed the condenser, fill the compressor with 4 oz of oil (it was empty) and placed 4 oz in the accumulator. System is supposed to be 8 oz. The oil came with the kit. Changed all the o-rings. Pulled a vacuum and it held for over an hour while I went to get some plastic clips. Filled the system to 32 oz of freon (which happens to be what I wrote down from doing this before and from what I double checked on the internet). Observed the following.

    1. After getting to 25 psi the compressor started to cycle, but with most of the charge in it no longer cycled.
    2. After getting the charge in (low side) the temp in the truck was cool but not really that cold.
    3. Took the truck on a short drive, it got better but was not overly impressed. Trip was maybe a half hour.
    4. Came back home ate lunch for a half hour and had to leave again. Started truck and it was blowing hot air. Drove for 20 minutes and it stayed hot to the point I just shut off the fan and ac.
    5. Got to destination and popped the hood, there was freon and oil all over the passenger side tire well on the inside in the engine bay, obviously the compressor was not turning as the pressure at that time must have been too low.

    So what was the cause, it was fine where it had vacuum and not leaking then to where it “blew up”. Only thing over the wheel well is the metal line that runs from the condenser to the accumulator. The caps are still on the ports and tight. I see no other leak or place where it could have come from. The only thing I could come up with is the fitting where the orifice tube is located. Possible it didnt thread right, it was not loose, definitely not over tight. When I opened it to remove the orifice tube, it un-threaded but the one nut had a hard time coming off the flared end of the longer pipe, like the there was something wrong with the flare. Had a really hard time getting that to thread back over the top of the flare when putting it back together. Maybe it was ok for a vacuum but not under pressure?? After filling the system I did not see any leaks.

    I ordered a new metal line to change that out but I’m looking for any other possible cause for this. (all the sensors are swapped over and plugged in, all o-rings have been replace, every connection is tight)

    Any help would be appreciated or to let me know I’m on the right track. Thanks in advance.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Just to note:
    If you happen to over charge the system ( it doesn’t take much to do ) it can act exactly like it being low on Freon IE poor cooling.
    It can also cause extra load on the engine and lead to overheating
    It can also prevent the compress or to trip on over pressure.
    I can not comment on how it was assembled ( right or wrong ) I didn’t see it.
    I can only suggest that when you get the replacement parts and do the repair(s) be very careful.
    Only add the compressor oil where it states to.
    Also after when you evacuate the system and recharge it you carefully weight the amount of Freon you putting into the system

    John Phoenix
    John Nepa

    Thanks for the quick reply. I believe the 32 oz is correct. It was weighed on a Master Cool scale from a where you input the charge so it beeps and shows the charge amount when you get there. I had it written down from a past repair and I looked it up prior to doing this to make sure. I don’t have a sticker on the truck anymore as it must have fallen off years ago.

    I’ll have to see if I can find any other sources for the charge info to triple check that. The oil/freon amount I got from

    I used the 2000-2001 since my 99 was a mid year change to the new body style and most times I can only find parts under 2000. They have 2 different values based on the compressor and checking the old compressor mine should be the 32 oz one. I’ll go back and check if I see it in the factory manual as a triple check but I’m sure that is where I may have gotten it the first time I wrote it down.

    After the charge I didn’t get any over heating issues.

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