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    Joe Benincasso
    Joe Benincasso

    After replacing both front and rear expansion valves, the compressor and receiver as well as the rear evaporator I evacuated the system and held 25 lbs for 20 minutes. Next I tried to charge the system and could get about one can in it, then taking the gauges and checking it they read about 5psi on the low side then slowly dropped to zero on both sides. After checking all the repairs for leaks and finding none I checked both ports with a sniffer went off. My question is why the r134a not go into the system and do the ports usually set off sniffers? thanks

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    college man
    college man

    Not sure what your working on? If you added a can of refrigerant and are at zero on both gauges you have a leak. As for the ports setting off the
    electronic detector. There could be a leak or oil refrigerant residue.

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