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ABS Brakes light on after battery mess up

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    Venkata Balaga
    Venkata Balaga

    Good evening

    Few weeks back I posted question on seized bakes for my 2003 highlander I bought as is……continued,

    I ended up replacing a rear passenger side caliper from junkyard of course along with new brake routers and pads.

    Replaced master cylinder, used, may be not needed, followed eric the car guy video of course.

    At this point, still not running, clunky noises persisted

    Battery started to die and this when all big problems are started.

    I ran and picked up a battery fairly new) from CL, hooked it up, started to smoke right away, I un plugged it immediately, yup it was polarized ( didn’t know but I googled it).

    There it is; still sitting in the driveway, winter started, got a new battery from BJs
    Hooked it up, now fuse box clicking and ABS and brake light on AND gear won’t shift from parking.

    Big problems and dont know what to do next.

    Sorry for the long story, I had to cover all of it. 2003 highlander limited 3.0

    Is it computer?
    Relays/fuses blew up?

    Please help.
    Thank you .

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    Daniel Fletcher
    Daniel Fletcher

    interior lights work, engine start, or try and crank? is not you could of blown one of the main fuses. the 100 amp ones

    Venkata Balaga
    Venkata Balaga

    Yes. Engine starts, head lights and wipers not working, I didn’t pay good attention to interior lights.
    But, fuse box clicking noise goes away when , when I shut the driver side door.

    I checked today. Radio out, heat control does not turn on, but the Interior lights work.

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