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    Elliott Fritz
    Elliott Fritz

    2013 Kia Optima. AC isn’t as strong as it should be. Blower works fine. Air is medium cold. Thought maybe just low on freon but I decided to look at the compressor. Noticed that clutch stays engaged(spinning) no matter what, whether AC is on or even if entire climate control system is off. Does this mean that the clutch is seized? Would getting somewhat cold air be normal in this scenario? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Billy Andrews

    Generally if a compressor clutch is seized, the compressor will burn up in a few hours of operation.
    First: make sure you have a clutched compressor – look for wiring to the clutch. If you have a clutchless compressor, the wiring will go into the back/side of the compressor.
    If you have a clutched compressor, to determine if the clutch is seized, remove the A/C relay. If the clutch remains engaged, it is seized.
    If there is no clutch problem, hook up a set of manifold gauges to check your refrigerant pressure.

    Jack Curry
    Jack Curry

    I have the same problem. I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla and the clutch stays engaged as well and my wiring is on the front of my compressor. I’m having a hard time locating my clutch relay. Any idea where it might be?


    I have the same problem with my Benz CLK W208 the AC compressor clutch is always engage even when the AC or blower is completely off. I have to remove the wire switch from the compressor to disengage the clutch. I want to the the main causes and a possible fix. Thanks

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