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    I have a 2005 Honda Accord. We recently, about a week ago, had the ac compressor go out. We had the whole ac system replaced. By whole system I mean compressor, condenser, receiver drier, evaporator, and expansion valve, and the lines aswell. Since then we have had two issues arise;

    #1 every time the compressor engages while at 1500+ rpm, I get what sounds like a faint whistle coming from the evaporator case, the whistle lasts approximately 4 seconds and goes away until the next time the compressor engages.The only exception is if I slow down and the accelerate while the compressor is running I will get the whistle again briefly. I was thinking it’s the expansion valve but I took it to 2 different shops that said the ac system was functioning properly, that it was probably the belt tensioner. But you can’t hear it in the engine compartment just in the cab and pretty distinctively coming from the expansion valve.

    #2 a few days after getting it back from the shop the battery dies. When I go to connect the new battery, I hear the compressor clutch engage. Being that the car was turned off, I also verified the ac controls were also in the off position, I’m guessing that’s what killed the battery. My question is what would cause the that? My guess was a stuck relay, I bought a new one and the issue went away, but I wanted to verify the old one was the issue so I plugged the old one back in and the problem was still gone. Is it possible when I pulled the old relay it became unstuck. If the issue comes back do you have any suggestions of where to look.

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