AC line freezing up

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    been working on a 2006 chevy trailblazer in line 6. I recently had to do a valve cover gasket job on it due to oil in spark plug holes. after completing, I started the vehicle and let run a while when I noticed that the AC line was starting to freeze up. I turned the AC to the highest setting and it didn’t blow at all. When I had it on all other settings it blew lightly. Now not blowing at all. And the line starts to freeze so i turned it off. I Checked to see that it seems to be good on Refrigerant and the fan is running. The compressor is kicking on and off in intervals of about 30 seconds to a min. I feel as if there is more than one problem. I figure maybe the not blowing on different settings before not blowing at all was maybe the RESISTOR?? and Maybe the freezing up has something to do with low pressure switch?? Please help and let me know if anyone has had this problem. Any help is appreciated. Really not wanting to pay shop fees if its these simpler fixes.

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