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    luke newmann
    luke newmann

    I don’t know AC repair and got the wife’s infiniti repaired with a new compressor a month ago at a local shop when it went out. Aftermarket part. Seemed ok at first but then got flaky, wasnt cooling the air much. Took it back in yesterday, they said it was not cooling properly and said they would call me back after they warranty the old one and put in a new one. Get a call today and they say the new one isnt up to snuff either, and they want to put in an OEM compressor. Old part was $375 and new one is $1100. This is not good, should i try to get a refund from these guys and go to another shop without a compressor and try my luck there? Are they running this tab up to make more off me, how can i get a price on an oem compressor? In a bind, thanks for any advice.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    With out knowing the shop, hard to say if they are trying to take you for a ride.
    Might check the local BBB to see if they have a history of complaints.
    You can attempt to get a refund, but suggest you read the work invoice that concern refunds.
    You can google your specific year make and model vehicle for a AC compressor, also research if Infiniti uses a 3rd party supplier for it.

    luke newmann
    luke newmann

    they dont get any more complaints than any other shop (which means they get a lot). Thanks for the advice.

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