Accord no fuel when cold

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    Bob Cooper
    Bob Cooper

    Hello all, I have a 93 Accord with 320k km, never had a starting problem. About a month ago, car wouldn’t start after sitting for a few days. Had spark, no gas.

    Sprayed gas into air intake, started fine. Now car won’t start when left overnite unless fuel is sprayed in. After that, starts fine until left overnite again. Changed fuel pump, same thing. Fuel pump runs for 3 seconds when key is turned, hot or cold.

    Anyone have an idea what the heck could be causing this?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Do you know for certain that the fuel pump is priming the system?
    Meaning do you actually have fuel pressure at the rail after sitting overnight?
    Might have a faulty pressure regulator.

    Bob Cooper
    Bob Cooper

    Ok, I have a parts car, will swap out the regulator.

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