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Acura 1st gen Cl 3.0 V6 ELD engine fuse box.

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    ricardo stewart
    ricardo stewart

    Hello fellow enthusiast, RIck here new to forums. (Watched few Videos) Great stuff EricThe CarGuy.!!

    I have a question/issue. more or less. It’s with a Fuse box issue here in this 1999 acura cl 3.0 with bout’ 160, xxx on the odometer. I got the car going couple days ago went to help a family member out, putting up Xmas ornaments from the attic. I left the lights on the car it seemed, realizing as i tried to start car and the dash was dead noting…no crank..noting..

    I turn the light switch back and went into the engine i notice the fuse box was making a clicking noise. Ok i have a busted fuse, the headlighting relay is clicking im like man’…OK:- battery is dead and maybe not giving a good enough power in the circuit i thought.

    Eventually i get a jump from my Uncle, noting , then Triple A tries noting .. Ok the following day i take the battery to try and charge it at Autozone..I didn’t wait long enough cause the dash still not as bright as it should be. I remember i had a previous issue when a young ambitious one..throw the one coin i got when i bought this car into the cigarette lighter…..Lucky dime won a Ouh Ohh, from the little peanut Gallery.. i was just glad the car started

    Ok so i replace the cigarette lighter and radio fuse, it was only visual thing that seem blew..subsequently i had a P1298 code it said ELD from the OBD Scanner..I got a Eld from the salvage yard from a accord coupe i think 2000 it was…

    The thing is Honda does not make the CL3.0 ELD separate to be replaced from fuse box like the civics or some odyssey. I try to look for it in the box, i then Youtube and saw that some models have it built in and maybe you can open it meticulously and replace it. This was my intention, i got fuse box out looking at me right now..and i dont know if im suppose to open it or try and replace it..
    seems scary doesn’t seem like its in there like on (Youtube)

    I’m not too keen with electrical hardware, so im taking it slowly and weighing things out with some outside help on here…!// I am novice too but i would appreciate any help you may have..Cheers for Fearz…Until Another Time.

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    college man
    college man

    Not sure if this will help. Before replacement, Check that your battery and charging system is putting out the correct voltage.

    ricardo stewart
    ricardo stewart

    Thks for that suggestion .. bought a new battery so i could count that out.
    I didn’t check the charging systems though. I think it should jump up to 14-volts or so with the ignition on. The battery replaced was 600 cold amps but i got one with 700CH.
    After i change Battery, One other thing noticed when you connect terminals it flashes the headlights and all dash board lights intermittently(spelling) like if the car alarm is going off.
    The clicking stops from the Headlight relay after i press the Lock button on the Key Fob.. not even sure what that means…
    Checked the dash fuses for any blown light fuses but i think i will check into the alarm fuses next time i go there ..Its across town.
    Im checking some salvage yards now for that box.. Fingers Crosssed..Will Update..PIE

    college man
    college man

    Keep us posted on your progress.

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