Acura TL 2003 reset gone bad

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    Richard KernRichard Kern

      Background – the ABS and TCS lights have been on steady for the last few weeks. Decided to jumper the OBDII connector to reset

      today jumpered the 4 and 16 pins, small spark and after that –
      no start, no CEL light, no blown fuses, no power to pin 16 on the OBDII connector, locked in gear.

      service depts nearby are stymied, only checking fuses. I have checked and pulled fuses from cabin side panels and two locations in engine compartment. all look good.

      need to know where the power for pin 16 and the CEL light come from, suspect may have an unknown fuse or ????

      any comments would be appreciated, now dead in the water, yes those were the wrong pins

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