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Acura TSX Elusive AC Problem Solved and Lesson Learned

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    Nick MNick M

      Sometimes problems come in pairs and this was the case here. This problem was on a 07 Acura TSX but can be applied to all vehicles with AC systems.

      Short Description:
      Problem: No cold air
      Solution: Bad Expansion Value and Reversed Radiator Fan Motor.

      Long Description:
      Started out as no cold air. I suspected a leak in the AC system. It was low on refrigerant so charged the system to sufficient capacity. I noticed the low side was practically 0 PSI and sometimes vacuum and high side was 430 PSI!. I quickly shut off AC to avoid damage to system. The high side port was after the condenser so the restriction had to be expansion valve or evap.

      Tore apart the blower motor assembly and removed the evap and expansion valve. Inspected evap and found no blockage so changed expansion valve and recharged the system. Now I was getting above average on the low side (60 psi) and above average on the high side (250 psi).

      I was stumped at the numbers until I realized that about a year ago I had changed the driver-side radiator/condenser fan motor. I used a piece of paper to determine air direction and noticed it was reversed! it was blowing air out from the engine compartment, through the radiator and condenser. It was basically transferring the hot air from the radiator to the AC condenser increasing the high side temp. I switched the motor wires in the connector and problem solved.

      Moral of the story: Don’t assume aftermarket radiator fan motor wires are configured correctly. My mistake for not checking air direction after installing the new motor.

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      Javier GonzalezJavier Gonzalez

        Was your engine over heating? My Rl 06 engine over heats after 10 to 20 min of AC usage. Any advise?

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