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Another Dealership Fail & ETCG Rants About It

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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      I try to keep my cool for the most part, but sometimes I’m just not able to do it. This is one of those time. Nothing pisses me off more than incompetent work, especially from a dealership where the techs should be factory trained. It’s no wonder so many people turn to the internet to for auto repair. You can’t trust anyone, not even the manufacturer, not to mention the premium they charge for the privilege of having them guess at what’s wrong with your vehicle.

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      george gonzalezgeorge gonzalez

        Yep, dealers can be like that. My son and I have matching 2003 Acura TL’s, in (now) perfect condition, and the cars went in to the dealer for the airbag recall. We both got 4-page unsolicited service estimates, about $3,200 each. One dollar per cc I guess. At least they varied the alleged bad things on each estimate. As for “pitted camshafts” and “starter”, that’s the dumbest thing to pick. As everyone knows, there’s flowing oil in the camshaft area, so pitting is nearly impossible. And lack of power is not a starter issue! Dumb and dumber.

        EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

          Sorry to hear about your experience.
          It seems that pitted camshafts are an issue on that engine on those years, but it wouldn’t’ cause a performance issue.
          As for your TL’s, I really hate to do this to you but…


            Could we get an “interview” with your accountant for an ETCG1 video perhaps with a break down of what all they charged her for (including R.O.s if possible)?


              Man always get a second opinion. Especially if the bill is more than a few hundred!
              A trusted long time mechanic that you can run others quotes by never hurts too.

              Sucks there is probably little recourse for that person as they agreed to the work. Good thing i’m too poor to pay 3k for anything without a good long think about it.. lol

              EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                Not likely. It’s tax season, she’s very busy for the next couple of months.

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