antifreeze leaking out

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      I have a 1993 honda accord manual.
      I was parking and out the blue i have antifreeze all over the place i check around the rediator no sign of leak i see leak sign around the engine around were the temp sensor area..
      what are the posible area i should check

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        do a pressure test it will tell you exactly where your leak is good luck


          make sure to thoroughly check your radiator, hoses, and block. on your radiator look on top and bottom for cracks inspect the drain plug which would be towards the bottom. if you have a radiator cap closely inspect the cap and the area where it screws on. check your hoses for any cracks or holes. on block the usually towards the bottom they have a drain plug. so check there to. also be sure to check your reservoir or overfill tank. A pressure test is also a great way to find the leak as mentioned above. but if you don’t have a pressure tester than you’ll have to rely on visual inspection


            thanks for the tips…
            I did some inspection. i check hose no cracks .. the radiator is not even a year old.. there is no leak around the radiator…
            well i added some water and turn car on i seen no leak from hose nor radiator…. what i found was not good..
            with the car off.. i added more water there is a big leak coming from the bottom of the engine..

            what can it be…..
            can it be a blown gasket

            were is that plug is it possible that it blow out…


              I have no idea how your motor looks, etc. but on an older vehicle when you had a leak like that it was a water pump draing fluid out of the weep hole on the bottom of the pump because it has gone bad. If your engine uses this type of water pump I would look/ feel under the pump for antifreeze.

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                Check around where the heater hoses attach to the cylinder head under the distributor. The distributor ‘O’ ring is famous for leaking and when it does it leaks onto the heater hoses under it thus eating away at them and eventually causing them to leak. If this is what you find then just trim the ‘bad’ portion of the hose out and reinstall it back on the cylinder head then put a new ‘o’ ring on the distributor and you should be good for some time after that.


                  I had a similar leak on my ’89 Tempo. Check the hose for leaks when the car is hot. The hoses are made of rubber, which expands with heat. A tiny hole in a hose when hot gets big enough to drain a radiator in a few minutes. You can also drain the coolant, take off both hoses and ispect them by flexing them while you inspect them. The holes on my hose were near the end towards teh engine. And teh hole did go over the thermostat housing so I don’t know why it leaked, clamps were shitty too.


                    thank you all… good new i found the leak.. yeaaa..

                    i found the bypass hose bad.. i replace it no leaks.. ran car for a while no overheating..

                    we good for now.. am going to clean up engine and re inspect….

                    i thank you all.. for your help…

                    Im a train mechanic not car but so far i can defend my self..

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