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Automotive Technician Habits/Skills and How old is to old to be an Auto Tech

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    Eric Paniagua
    Eric Paniagua

    Hi Eric,
    I’ve been working on Hondas for just about 5 years. I started at a dealership as an apprentice for about 2 years, I then quit to work at a small independent shop were we only work on Acuras and Hondas. I love working at the independent shop but I’m starting to think I need to go back to the dealer to go where the money is at, I am currently getting paid by the hour and not book time. It’s been a very difficult journey for me as a tech, I was never really good with my hands or fixing stuff. I’ve made so many mistakes and at times I might of made the same mistakes more than once. I have made significant progress up until now and there were many times I thought about quitting but I find a lot of value in fixing cars or taking something apart and putting back together and I have learned that the way you approach cars doesn’t just become your job, it becomes a way of life.
    I wouldn’t consider myself a Honda Master Tech but I definitely want to head towards that direction. When I was at the dealer, I worked on the newer Hondas and in the Independent shop I work a lot on the older Hondas which has given me the kind of exposure to help me become a better technician/mechanic.
    I’d like to request if you can make a video on the top Habits and Skills of a Master Tech. I feel like sometimes it’s not just about the knowledge and skills, all though though that’s a huge percentage of it, but I feel like it’s also the smaller details that might also set apart the men from the boys.
    Also, I started in this field a little late…Im currently 35 years old and I graduated from automotive school when I was 28 years old. My current boss continues to suggest that I’m at an age where I should consider to stop wrenching and either look for manager type position or change careers to save the physical strain on my body. Perhaps you can make another video on the age of mechanics in the field from your experience.
    Just want to send you a huge thanks, Several times I felt like quitting and your videos and your willingness to always share your knowledge and skills was one of the reasons I decided to stick with this.

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    Thank you for your comments and request. I’ve actually covered these topics on my ETCG1 channel. Here are links to those videos.

    There are also several other technician oriented videos on that channel. I’ve made a playlist for them.

    Thanks again and good luck with your career.

    Roger Vogel
    Roger Vogel

    Thank you!

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