Bad cats?

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      Ok here is the issue and it’s driving me crazy. I have a 08 commander 4.7 I had the p0157 code so I changed out the o2 sensor with a Bosch, code came back three days later, found out Jeep hates Bosch so bought two ntk sensors for passenger side cat. Now four days later I am getting codes p0430 and p0420… driver side was fine now all of the sudden it sees a problem??… really confused with this one, don’t really want to buy new cats, I have plenty of power, it stumbles a little bit at 5k rpms under hard acceleration, it’s 10 degrees outside and I am getting a ton of exhaust. Could it still be the cats? Bad o2 sensors? Or what else should I be looking for? The p0420 code is odd to me. Thank you

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