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Bad oil leak after replacing pressure sensor

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    Matt Carroll
    Matt Carroll

    The Oil pressure sensor has had a slight leak. Not enough to drip down to the garage floor. The oil light started to flicker so I figured it was time to bite the bullet.

    I have 2007 Santa Fe Limited. Single owner. Over 220k. It was the original pressure sensor.

    I purchased the replacement and got to work. I figured an hour if I took my time. The new one came with red thread covering so I did not anything. I did not look at the original before I removed it, but I assumed the new one would need to be threaded all the way in, to bottom out. The new one seemed to go in pretty easy, almost too easy.

    So I have tried two different replacements and tried putting the original back in. No matter what I do, oil starts pouring out as soon as I start the car. And I do mean pouring out.

    Could I have cracked the oil filter housing where the sensor mounts?

    Anybody ever had this issue? Do I need to add Teflon seal tape to the sensor? I am at a loss and now the car can not be driven.


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