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    Have a 99 Chevy blazer that my wife uses on her mail route. The battery got to where it would not stay charged, replaced it twice, still will not stay charged. Checked the battery and it shows 12.4 volts, checked it with engine running showed 14 volts. But when I turn the key on nothing, so I hooked my battery charger to it and turned key on and the lights on dash started flashing really fast. Tried cranking it and it would not crank, just clicking. while battery was still charging pulled out my circuit tester and hit the two points on top of every fuse and got nothing. But when I went to move one lead while other was on fuse I got power. tried several other ones and on about half the fuses I got power only if I was testing 2 different fuses at a time. Tried cranking it again and it cranked after 20 minutes on the charger. Went back to test fuses again, just each fuse by its self, and out of the 20-30 something fuses only one had power going through it, the trllgt10a fuse. All other fuses still no power. Killed the blazer and tried to crank it and it just clicked. Tried to crank again about 30 minutes later and nothing at all. I don’t really know if the fuses have anything to do with it or if the readings I’m getting are normal. I’m just to the point I don’t know what to do from here.

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