Battery Not Charging


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    Chong HangChong Hang

      Got a 07 4runner that would start and run but once i stop the battery light will come on and the vehicle will die out. I replace alternator and battery and new belt and it ran for two days and having the same issue again like it’s not charging the battery. Now it won’t start unless I jump start the battery than if I stop the battery light will come on and car will stall and die. Please i need some help. It’s my parents car that I’m trying to help them fix.

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        You need a wiring diagram of the charging system.
        Simplest way to start …. check all fuses, power and ground connections connection
        Many newer vehicle charging systems are controlled by the ECM / BCM or other types of monitoring module(s)
        It isn’t as simple as in years past.

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