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Bent spark plug ground electrode causing P0302

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    Luis CarmonaLuis Carmona

      Vehicle: 2005 Nissan Altima 4cylinder.
      Problem: P0302 Code, 2nd Cylinder misfire.

      Non-Solution: Replaced 2nd Cylinder spark plug. (2nd Time)
      Bought used car. Car ran fine for about a month. After that, P0302 code popped up on OBD scanner.
      Replaced all plugs – Problem when away… temporarily (about another month). Car started running rough again, check engine light came on. Looked at cylinder 2 plug and it was bent along with marks around the spark plug head and cylinder head ( like something was rattling around in there). Looked into cylinder with scope. Nothing could be seen inside. Replaced plug again. Expecting the problem to happen again. Next step, going to fish a magnet telescoping wand into the cylinder, and have a look at intake manifold for any damage/cracks.

      My question. What could be hitting the spark plug causing it to bend?
      Ive read possible carbon deposits or something coming into the intake and to engine cylinder causing the marks on the damaged spark plug and cylinder head. Measured compression: all were around 130-150psi.

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        If the correct plugs are installed and gaped properly.
        That would leave some type of mechanical issue.
        I would reinspect the inside of the cylinder very carefully with a borescope.
        Might also look for some type of thread repair that may have been performed on the head on that specific cylinder.
        Beyond that, you may well need to remove the head to actually see what is happening inside that cylinder.

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