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BG Transmission Fluid in Honda Fit 2010

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    Letty KLetty K

      I took my car in for a transmission fluid change today, and they put in BG (I think that was the brand they said) transmission fluid. I know nothing about cars (trying to learn), but I did notice the owner’s manual seemed to emphasize that Honda ATF-Z1 (I guess now replaced by DW1) should be used. When I asked the shop about it, they said the BG was compatible and they use it for all Hondas. I went along with it b/c I figured they knew more than I did, but the more I think about it, the more I wish I had forgone the fluid change until I could do it with the DW1. My questions now are:

      1. What should I do now – Should I do another change with the DW1 (Should I do a couple changes close together to dilute the BG?)? Should I do a flush to try to get out all the BG fluid (flushes seem to be discouraged)?
      2. Did I hurt my transmission? 🙁
      3. In the future, if a shop does not use/carry Honda transmission fluid (or in general something that I want them to use), would it be ok if I brought it in myself and asked them to use it?

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