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      I’m new to this site hope this post is in the right place .I need used scan tool with bidirectional does transmission learn and ABS brake bleeds Like have used one under $1000 . Found solus ultra for $900 found mt2500 lot cheaper not sure what all these scanners will do bidirectional Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im. Not looking for any specific brand im only going be needed this for couple yrs don’t normally work on Any newer then 2010 again thanks for any info

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        Already a year and no response on this question. I’d like to hear some answers also!


          not a lot of low-cost bidirectional tools out there… the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 has good reviews on Amazon, and is under $500…

          George TsigaridisGeorge Tsigaridis

            You may find a used snap on scanner for around that money (but hard). Talk to your snap on guy and tell him to find you one for around $1,000 some of the snap on guys will try to help find you what your looking for.
            The only better scanner then snap on will me OEM scanners and that is a lot more money.
            Right now would be the best time to start looking as the Snap on Zeus is out and people what the newest and greatest.


              Hi the Mt2500 only went to 2000 ish and is bi directional.
              If you find a used solus it will do what you want.
              The older solus pro is obsolete now but will do what you want.
              Check the software IE version 14.2 is 2014 15.2 or 15.4 is 2015 etc.
              Avoid the Ethos it is usually not bi directional.

              You can find Autel products to fill you need. The 808 should do what you need and if you have a little extra the 906 has very good coverage.
              OTC products like the genisys had bi directional and can be found cheap.


                What year range? You might find the Original Modis, just stay away if it has 15.X update or better. Around here you can find them for $1000. Never used the Solus, however I am sure it’s the same software.

                I have only used snap on scanners, I am hoping to grab a Autel, this year. Just picked up a Snap on Verdict for $2000 off the truck. Slow boots, but works good. I use it mostly for “home” use, it pays for itself quickly.

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